2020 15th Yunlin International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition Booth.G35~G38

  The purpose of this exhibition is to promote Mechanized Agriculture. This technique can be used to decrease the predicament of lacking labors, change the working environment, attract youth people to engage in agriculture business, improve production efficiency and product quality, and market competitive.

The 15th International Agricultural Machinery and Materials Exhibition held by Yunlin Country Government will take place from Oct. 10th to 12th, 2020. This year, we present worldwide grand exhibition with top 3 most famous agricultural machinery brands, also invite domestic and foreign manufacturers. The platform bring together thousands of different new types of agricultural machinery, materials and equipment. The exhibition will provide visitors decorated with numerous gorgeous flowers, agricultural food and products, also exhibited the newest ideas, technologies of agricultural modern machines and autonomous robots. Yunlin country Government hereby sincerely invites you and you company to attend this exihibition.