MeiDeHo is a brand established by a highly research-oriented company in Taiwan, Feng-Fuh Machinery, who has spent nearly 30 years in mechanical products OEM and innovation. Stepping into the 21st Century, environmental awareness has triggered a new trend for research and also inspired MeiDeHo to develop the high battery capacity & high speed 36 V Brushless Motor Grass Trimmer. 

Being one of the top notch gardening tool brands featuring high battery capacity, MeiDeHo's Grass Trimmer and gardening products are all powered by the European CE-standard lithium-ion battery to ensure the highest user safety. Optimizing the user experience is always MeiDeHo's priority in developing products, and the research team spent countless hours in order to deliver an ergonomic design onto all MeiDeHo's gardening tools that are suitable for both commercial and home gardening use.

The innovative products designed by MeiDeHo doesn't just stop here. and we will continue to enhance our research to provide more diverse and high efficiency gardening products, highly integrated for the next generation.

 MeiDeHo's CORE OF RESEARCH 321.png

To design an innovative product that is both eco-friendly and highly efficient is easier said than done. MeiDeHo builds upon its high capacity 
battery as the product core and expands to various applications, and we aim for the highest stab山ty and safety in battery design. From the initial
drafting, cut-off function design, and to the drop test, MeiDeHo has made numerous modifications on the battery to fit various working environments.
Other research includes ergonomic design, optimized users'experiences, reduce operator fatigue, and increase product durability. MeiDeHo
products are recognized by CE standard and patented in multiple countries, our continuous research effort input will ensure all MeiDeHo garden
tool users with the highest safety precaution measures.